Jessica Simpson shamed for having rather nice boobs

Jessica Simpson has slammed a writer from Vogue for body shaming her about an event that happened more than a decade ago.

Vogue writer Sally Singer said she ‘put her breasts on a platter’ in a piece celebrating the history of the Met Gala in 2007.

Jessica shared her anger at ‘being shamed for having boobs’ and called the description of her outfit for the event ‘nauseating’.

In this day and age we should be celebrating others rather than dragging back history of something that happened 13 years ago. Many women have issues of their perception of their bodies and there is no reason in my opinion why Jessica should have to justify herself, not back then and certainly not now to someone like Sally Singer.

I would rather celebrate Jessica for having “rather nice boobs”, and not just laying down and taking nasty comments about her by someone who should know better but obviously does not, rather than decrying her for what happened so long ago.