Boobs that just don’t need a bra

There are many reasons for women going without a bra, ranging from comfort reasons to using their ample assets to attract a potential mate.

Some men when they think of braless women immediately think of the hippy-style free love type who allegedly burned their bras and don’t wear them because they are uncomfortable. But this is only one type of braless women – and some of them can be incredibly hot.

Any woman can go braless, sometimes without drawing any attention to themselves. The biggest giveaway tends to be either sagging or swaying boobs or nipples poking out through their top – especially in colder climates!

It can be really sexy seeing an attractive women who does not feel the need to wear a constricting bra and lets them loose with only a thin cotton shirt between her breasts and the world at large. Very sexy indeed!

However, some also have ample assets and bosom-age to be able to go without a bra and still show off and this is what we are celebrating here this time. We love the daring as much as we love the fantastic boobs.

Also, size isn’t important but it sometimes helps!