Beach bodies… How much have we missed you?!

Here in the northern hemisphere we are ready approaching the summer time and the traditional periods where we will put on our bikinis or trunks and head to the beach for a fun time away from work or school.

But what exactly is going to happen this year? I certainly don’t know. Many travel companies are having financial difficulties and some predict there will be no summer getaway this year. So no beach, and more importantly, no beach bodies to enjoy.

We are all missing bikinis of all shapes, shades and sizes, the tanned and toned bodies contained within. We particularly like the matching two-piece set, especially if only one part is worn!

Beautiful young women emerging from the sea like Honey Ryder in Dr. No, rivulets of water running down, or jumping and jiggling around playing beach sports. Sigh.

But let’s not lament too much as we can enjoy the best of beach bodies from years’ past whilst we wait for the next crop to come through and maybe, just maybe, we may be lucky enough to keep some fine weather ahead and enjoy some late summer sun? Here’s hoping!