What the world needs right now is… big boobs.

Everyone seems to be cutting back on something, whether that be their grocery shop, the amount of fast food, or their employees’ wages – everyone is cutting something back these days it seems.

So what we all need right now is something a bit bigger instead and what better than nice big boobies to console ourselves with? Nothing, that’s what.

What I am talking about is a nice big pair of boobs, the kind you could use as a pillow and get a lovely nights’ sleep on, and not some horrible glamour model bolt-ons that are hard and yucky. A real pair of boobs on a real woman.

I’m a bit picky on this subject – if they are too large I am not interested. If they appear to be on a model I am not interested – as I said, real boobs on a real woman.

So I thought I’d pick out a few of the ones I like best right now… tastes can change, but these all appear to be a very big handful right now. By the way, I don’t have small hands…