Sometimes boobs are like donuts… better off glazed

So I was passing by a shop the other day, one I know well, which does fantastic cakes, pastries and donuts. You can see some of the kitchen from the window and what caught my eye was a fresh batch of donuts. It wasn’t so much the donuts the caught my eye, but the way they were glazing them. It got me thinking…

It is strange how sometimes an innocent act such as glazing a donut can be changed by the right kind of mind to a completely unconnected image of a great pair of boobs being covered in thick, sticky cum. Not pierced, always not pierced.

As you might have gathered from the title of this blog, its’ web address, and the general content that I just love boobs and boobs covered in cum is literally the icing on the cake.

Personally, my preference is for when the woman herself chooses the exact location for the cum – I’m not one for the indiscriminate “shooting” you see in porn movies, I prefer it to be more targeted – especially when they aim to cover as much boob as possible. It is far hotter than a facial.

Small boobs are just as good for it as big boobs, and look just as sexy. There is not much to compare with a nicely rounded mound of boobage with a hard nipple in the middle absolutely coated in man-love.

Some glazed boobs, just for you…