Time Warp: Melinda Messenger

Melinda Messenger

The Brits have always been good at finding healthy, buxom ladies over the years, from sensations like Samantha Fox through to Katie Price and Lucy Pinder. Fine, upstanding young ladies with huge fun bags that you certainly would not be taking home to meet with mother…

Way back in the mists of time in a year called 1997 a new face hit Page 3. Her name? Melinda Messenger. Her boobs? They were BIG.

So? I hear you say. Well our Melinda was different from the others – you got the idea you could have taken her to tea with mother as she did not match the stereotypical “airhead” that you would normally associate with many glamour models who only took it up because it paid better than serving behind the counter at the local supermarket.

I’m not saying she was brainy, but compared to some of her contemporaries she was a Professor. She could go on a talk show without making a complete ass of herself.

Now there is a potent mix – gorgeous body, big hooters and a brain a little larger than your average garden pea!

Now for me the ultimate Page 3 girl was Jo Guest – but she didn’t have big boobs. There was just something about her…