Rah! Rah! Out of lockdown cheer…leaders!

It has been a sad and depressing past year and a bit for most of us as we have been in lockdown for at least some of the time in almost every country across the globe. So we need a little bit of cheering up… and who better for the job than some cheerleaders?

It is a staple in most professional sports in the US to have a group of cheerleaders who are, in some cases, more talented than the sports teams they represent! This is something that is fairly unique to North America and does not really appear to have caught on elsewhere.

Is cheerleading sexist? Some would probably argue that it is (but some also argue that black is white, and that night is day) but some of the displays these girls (and in some cases, guys) put on can be truly breathtaking.

But what is also breathtaking is the sheer beauty of most of the cheerleaders – they all seem to look like models who would not look out of place in the old-style Playboy magazine or similar publications and that is what we are celebrating today. Enjoy.