What is better? Expectation or Reality?

How many times have you seen a hot looking woman and thought to yourself “I wonder what she looks like naked?” – I know I certainly have. Many, many times.

In most cases we never actually get to find out, unless you are a silver-tongued devil and manage to talk them into removing their clothing or you are some kind of perverted hypnotist (which would be bad). When it actually happens and you get to see the hottie topless, or even naked, does it always match up to your expectations? I’d bet 8 out of 10 times they just don’t. Some women just look searingly hot with their clothes on.

Sometimes they are much hotter naked than with clothes as some women, quite rightly, choose to dress how they want to dress and not to try to attract a man.

What is to blame for this*? It could be push-up bras, clingy sports wear, or other types of flattering clothing.

To celebrate the times when expectations are met and the boobs and body match what you thought they would – or as a bonus they were even better – we have a gallery below.

* Nothing is really to blame for this. Guys, myself included, can be shallow at times and interested in looks rather than personality, which is where the real fun lies in the end. Women can be just the same too sometimes, we’re all the same. But there is no harm in fantasising as long as it just remains that.