I’m a tattoo hypocrite… but I don’t care

There are three types of people in the world, those that love tattoos, those that hate tattoos, and those that love the idea of a tattoo but are too scared to actually get one. Personally I fall into the first category and I have a number of tattoos on my body, all of which are tasteful and easy to hide if necessary – something I very rarely do.

However, I must confess I am a tattoo hypocrite of the highest order. I love my tattoos but I have a loathing of some types of tattoos when it comes to the female form.

It is everyone’s own personal choice and preference as to whether (or not) they like tattoos and if someone objects to mine that is their problem, not mine.

However, I do draw the line when it comes to some types of tattoos and certain locations. I don’t mind tasteful tattoos on arms, shoulders, backs, feet, etc. In some cases even tasteful leg tattoos are okay, but I absolutely loathe to see tattoos on the front of the abdomen (stomach, chest, belly, etc.) and have a particular hatred for breast tattoos. Urgh.

If I was “King for the day” they would be banned, apart from those which are done as part of breast reconstruction. They’re brilliant.

As far as I am concerned these types of tattoos are like defiling a great work of art with unsightly graffiti tags – the type that have no intrinsic artistic value whatsoever. The statue of David plastered over with “Steve woz ere”, if you will.

So, yes, I am looking at you Rihanna (or rather I am not) after doing that to your body. Not that I ever found her attractive anyway (I’m obviously weird!). Rihanna’s chest tattoo, whilst unsightly, is far from the worst example I have seen over the years…

This is my problem, and – no – I won’t get over it. It is my choice and my values. I am a hypocrite and I am proud.

No gallery this time for obvious reasons…