Asses can be beautiful too!

You don’t need to be a genius to work out that a site called “Love Boobs” would be about the adoration of the wonderful world of women’s breasts, and you would not be wrong. For me, by far and away, the most physically beautiful thing about an attractive woman is her boobs.

I have never been a “leg man”, or particularly an “ass man” either. However, as time has gone by I have learnt to appreciate the bigger picture and that means that I have been drawn more and more towards women with a beautiful ass.

Whether you prefer to call them an “ass”, “arse”, “butt”, or whatever they are the thing we all have and all sit on. I’m sat on my bigger-than-I’d-want-it-to-be one now writing this!

I’m not sure exactly what makes the best type of ass, as when I look at those I have appreciated they are quite different. Big and round, small and pert, they are all great. Call me picky but the one type I am not bothered about is the big and flabby – but those women usually have it going on round the front instead so I am a happy man!

All I know is that I certainly know now how to appreciate a great ass.