Britney Spears through the years

Britney Spears has certainly been through a lot in her 39 years, with some people it seems always destined to be a princess. However, it does not always follow that the princess gets to live happily every after.

From her early days on The Mickey Mouse Club, to global fame as a pop starlet, through to her issues with mental health and the ongoing legal battle over the conservatorship it never seems to have been easy for someone who seriously deserves better.

I do remember when Britney hit the world stage as a singer, it seemed to hit at a particular period in my life when I – certainly not someone into pop performers – seemed to have a soft spot for Ms Spears and her particular brand of music. Some of it seems lame now, listening back, but equally some of it still stands the test of time. It wasn’t just about the music, but the way she looked and the way she moved. Who could ever forget Britney dressed as a sexy schoolgirl?

Despite all her skimpy costumes, although she never went nude, she managed to still remain an incredibly sexy woman – despite the “schoolgirl” days being a half a lifetime ago.

Mental health issues are no joking matter, and the press coverage back in the day was predictably nasty. So I will wish Britney well with her fight, now and going forward.