Sexiest tennis players of all time

It is that time of year when most of the top tennis tournaments in the world are taking place. Right now as I am writing this Wimbledon is getting towards its’ final stages so it seems fitting to write something about tennis.

Full disclosure here: I am not a tennis fan. I have never been a tennis fan, and never will be a tennis fan. What I know about the game of tennis could be written on the back of a postage stamp. However, there have been times – mostly in the past now – I have watched a few moments of a ladies match and that is purely to see their finely tuned and athletic bodies moving around the court. And to catch the odd bit of cleavage here and there. These days, mostly not.

Oh and the television is muted so not to hear all the grunting. Odd the men don’t grunt as much, isn’t it?

Sadly, it seems, from the clips I have seen this year that most of the hottest and sexiest female tennis players are from the past. I do remember the days of Steffi Graf, Gabriella Sabatini, and the like playing. Especially Ms. Sabatini – that was ingrained in my young, impressionable mind!

But anyway, I care not a jot. Just enjoy the slideshow. No rankings or particular order here, they are all in the hotties top list in my opinion.

New balls please!

  • Ana Ivanovic