The most beautiful black women in the world!

There has been much in the press over the last year or two about racism and prejudice, whether that is around the whole Black Lives Matter movement, or in sport, literature or wherever else. A person is a person and they should be judged on their actions rather than their skin tone.

At Love Boobs we are not ones to discriminate – we love boobs of all shapes, sizes and skin tones. I don’t care if you are Asian, Black, White or any other – I just love your boobs.

And, if you are feeling that way inclined you could always share them with us in the Love Boobs community! We are particularly lacking photos in our gallery from black women in particular but are happy to accept any submissions that meet our guidelines.

There is too much emphasis on white beauty in the media, as almost every time beauty is mentioned the imagery used will be of white models and never black models who are equally beautiful. This is a little post just to balance things up a bit in our own way, to highlight and celebrate the beauty of black women.

  • 15. Jordin Sparks - I don't know much about Jordin but she certainly is a looker.