Now, a quick shower to cool down…

Well, it has been rather hot and humid here the last few weeks and a daily shower is enough to cool me down. However, the last time when I went in the shower it got me thinking, and rather than cool me down it made me feel somewhat warmer…

I remember when I was at school, many years ago now, we used to have compulsory swimming lessons – which I hated. I had just moved to the area with my family and where I lived before we didn’t have swimming lessons as part of the school week.

One day the hottest girl in the class – called Sarah – had a new swimsuit, and she looked very fine, as the whiteness of the material really made her dark hair stand out. However, unknown to Sarah her swimsuit, which was white, had now become a shade of transparent and when she stepped out of the pool all eyes went on her. She didn’t realise why until one of the other girls shouted up… and she ran back into the changing rooms as fast as she could!

There has been a temptation, which I have so far resisted, to have a water fight with hoses and everything outdoors and the thought of this as well as thinking back about Sarah brought me to the idea of a wet t-shirt competition.

Seeing a fully-clothed babe suddenly rendered topless is a huge turn-on. Most of the time it is done intentionally with wet t-shirt competitions a thing from spring break and graduations. Sometimes, like in the case of Sarah, it is completely unintentional.

Ah, good old days!