Vixen Velma makes me want to Scooby Doo her!

Well it has been a while I know since I last posted but life keeps getting in the way sometimes. We keep getting new submissions to our galleries all the time and I am trying to keep up with those too – but keep them coming in anyway!

One of the things that came up recently that got me posting again was watching the mostly live-action original Scooby Doo movie from 2002. Not my usual taste in movies, granted, but I was roped into watching it by my nieces so I couldn’t say no.

I have seen the movie before, many moons ago, but I had completely forgotten about one section of the movie… and I guess anyone who knows anything about this movie, the character Velma and the word “vixen” will probably know what I am on about.

To set the scene, very quickly, for those that don’t – most men usually fancy Daphne but in this case Sarah Michelle Gellar managed to produce the least-sexy version of Daphne ever despite having her underwhelming cleavage on display for most of the time. Linda Cardellini steals the sexy show with her busty, but well-covered version of Velma. Well, she is well-covered for most of the movie anyway.

There is one section where, and I couldn’t quite grasp why, Velma’s more than ample cleavage comes into play. I couldn’t help think much later how much I’d want to Scooby Doo her looking like that.