Who is the most over-rated ‘beautiful’ actress?

Well it has been a while since my last post and so much has happened. We took over the galleries from IncrediPorn and relaunched the website where it all started over ten years ago – World’s Best Boobs.

What with the rank weather recently I have been watching more movies and other bits from Netflix recently, as well as reading general boob-related pap on the internet and some of the petty arguments got me thinking… why don’t I do a post about the best looking actresses and then you can read what I think and you can’t argue back. But then I thought I’ve done that quite a lot. And there are too many stunning actresses out there to mention without forgetting some.

So how about looking down the other end of the telescope – what about the most over-rated?

This isn’t about acting ability or anything else, just the way the actresses look. Shallow, eh? I don’t care.

These are my choices and, if you agree, that is great. If you don’t then… you know where the Disney website is. Go and play on there.

  • 10. Natalie Portman - People rave about Natalie. There is no doubt she is a good looking woman, but not THAT good looking...