I’m not sure you thought that through…

Another day passes and I get a day older. You get a day older. We all get a day older. Despite the passing of time I can still remember the first pair of boobs I ever saw as clearly as the day it happened. Yet I still forget where I put my keys this morning. There must be something in this somewhere!

The first pair of boobs I ever saw weren’t actually fully unclothed, in fact they weren’t unclothed at all. They were completely clothed but yet almost fully exposed.

How can this be? Well I will be brief…

I was at school, very early teens, and it was coming up to the summer break. It was a wonderfully warm day and everyone had stripped off their sweatshirt and was down to their polo shirts. Despite the heat there were a few threatening clouds in the sky.

It was lunchtime and suddenly we had a massive thunderstorm and we all headed inside. Well, not all of us.

Some of the girls had gone for a walk round the perimeter of the school playing fields and got caught out.

Not long before lessons were due to resume the girls walked in. The first few were okay as, despite being dripping wet, they were wearing bras under their polo shirts. Those at the back were not so lucky.

It was a real lesson on who liked their bodies, and who were the exhibitionists in the class. Some of the girls tried to hide their shame and just a couple did not care. The white thin cotton of the shirts clung to their hot and large teenage breasts. It was fabulous.

I’m sure many of us have similar memories. I also remember being at the beach with a group of friends for a party and some of us decided to cool off in the water. One of my friends girlfriends had a rather nice pair of boobs and no bra on – no doubt you can guess the rest.

To this day I am still a big fan of those who get caught out like that, as well as those who do not realise what they are showing. I love to see pokies too where they are unexpected.

They didn’t intend to share, but did anyway. Brilliant!