Piercings are the ultimate turn-off

In a world with so many problems at the moment it is good to take the time to sit back a little, take stock, and think about the things you love. For me this inevitably turns to boobs at some point.

However, there is a blot on the horizon as it seems more and more women are getting their nipples pierced. Messing with boobs, whether through tattoos, boob jobs or nipple piercing is the ultimate turn-off for me. Why mess with perfection?

I hate all types of piercings apart from ear lobes and really do wonder about nose piercings (are you a cow going to market?!) and those stupid piercings that stretch your ear lobes to extreme proportions. Madness. However ultimate ire is left for those who pierce nipples.

Some people must like it but to me perfection is unadorned and unmolested boobs.