Britney Spears’ freedom (almost)

After well over a decade of conservatorship Britney Spears has been enjoying her return to freedom and really expressing herself.

Since the conservatorship was lifted in November 2021 Britney has been enjoying her newly re-found freedom by getting married – not to me, sadly – and enjoying life it seems. Good for her.

The one thing that Britney has done is express herself by releasing a series of raunchy photos on her Instagram. Some of these photos, particularly the newest ones, have shown Britney completely nude apart from some annoying strategically-placed love hearts, or diamonds on an earlier set.

I have been a fan of Britney ever since “Baby One More Time”, which despite being as far from my usual taste in music as it was possible to get, spoke to me for some reason. She’s had her pretty big ups and downs in the mean time but I have always liked her, and not just in a physical way.

Whether or not the rumours years ago about a boob job are true or not (I don’t care) Britney still has a cracking body. Come on Britney, throw off the shackles completely, be yourself and don’t give a damn who can see!

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