When little girls grow up to be big girls!

Fantasy films are not my thing. They simply don’t appeal to me and never have. In all likelihood that will never change.

A few years ago whilst channel hopping I came across a film called “The Golden Compass” which I had never heard of before and watched a few moments of before hopping off to find something more my taste. The film had some fairly big name actors in at the time, including Daniel Craig, Nicole Kidman and Sir Ian McKellen.

Imagine my surprise recently to come across some pictures of a very attractive and rather well-endowed woman with a slightly familiar look to her face, only to find it was that gawky looking girl from The Golden Compass, Dakota Blue Richards, but all grown up.

Dakota’s career path has moved away from Hollywood films and more towards British television and other projects.

That plain but slightly odd and forgettable looking young girl was only 12 or 13 when she did that film but just look at her now. Seriously is a case of when a little girl grows up to be a very big girl! Absolutely gorgeous.

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