Mariah Carey’s Christmas Boobies

Christmas time is fast approaching and this means the decorations will be coming out and being put on display, which reminds me of something else that is on display everywhere each holiday season – Mariah Carey’s fantastic boobies.

Every year the self-styled Queen of Christmas makes an appearance in the music charts, rising up the charts each year the same way she makes middle-aged fathers’ trousers rise when they see her hugely inflated orbs. It is one thing that makes us glad it’s Christmas and get chance to ogle her boobies without anyone noticing.

This is about the only thing that tears me away from the thought of another buxom babe and her tremendous tits at Christmas – Katy Perry, as featured previously here on Love Boobs back in 2021.

Of course with Mariah it wasn’t always this way, as each album was released her boobs seemed to get oddly bigger. Not that I minded in the least, I was quite happy.

Anyway, I’m granting you some seasonal cheer and lifting your spirits, not to mention your trouser legs, with a small gallery of Mariah’s best Christmas outfits. Enjoy!