Galleries update – World’s Best Boobs

Sexy Maintenance Girl

We have been busy working hard updating our galleries here on Love Boobs to give you the best opportunities to have your say on the best boobs across our galleries, both from your user-submitted photos as well as our new celebrity battle.

Over the past few years we have always been grateful for our users who have contributed not only their photographs but also their opinions by voting on the photos that were, in their opinion, the best boobs as well as in other categories. This has led to a very interesting mix of photographs making up the competition.

However, in more recent times we have had a number of new users who have come onto the site spamming their 1-star reviews on photographs seemingly at random, which is unfair on those users who have spent time carefully giving us their valued opinions.

Everyone is entitled to share their views with us, and we encourage that, but these are taking the fun out of the competition so things had to change. Rather than looking to ban users, we looked at how we could help the situation.

Alongside the new celebrity battle voting challenge we now have two ways to vote on the best boobs across the site. Gone are the star ratings which have been replaced by a competition where photographs are pitched against each other with you, the user, rating which you think has the best boobs. Alongside this users are now welcome to ‘like’ photographs that they enjoy.

There is still much work to do and changes to make, alongside monitoring the effectiveness of the changes and tweaking the systems as necessary. This change also helped us reconfigure our systems to make them more efficient and faster loading than before. So we hope you like the changes and enjoyment can reign supreme once more.