Katy Perry on 2010 Simpsons Special reminds us of better times

Unbelievably, it was 11 years ago that a gorgeous 26-year-old babe called Katy Perry appeared on a rare live-action sketch on The Simpsons and totally blew our minds.

Wearing a skimpy red Simpsons-themed PVC dress Katy showed off the figure she used to be famous for, and left little to the imagination.

The sketch was an obvious dig at her appearance on Sesame Street the previous year which received complaints from parents that her clothing was too revealing.

Although the sketch seemed heavily contrived, and totally not in keeping with The Simpsons itself, it does stem from the show’s history where it liked to push barriers before heading off into celebrity-related mediocrity.

Katy is renowned for showing the maximum amount of her fabulous cleavage on camera has never actually gone topless, apart from some really bad quality paparazzi shots, so this is one of the nearest we would ever get to seeing Katy Perry’s boobs on television.

It is a crying shame that we won’t see 26-year-old Katy’s boobs in all their glory, but make sure you watch the episode and check it out for yourself if you’ve never seen it (Season 22, Episode 9), or the clip itself below – it certainly brings us a little Christmas cheer.