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Please read the following before submitting your image. Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in your image being rejected.

Image Guidelines

The following guidelines are to maintain the standards of the galleries and are really simple to follow.

  • Faces should not be disguised or hidden, and must be fully visible. Without a face a photo is just boring. Sorry.
  • Photographs submitted where sunglasses, hair, hats, masks, or any other device – including the camera or phone – are used to obscure the face will not be accepted.
  • We cannot accept photos that contain text, logos or any other means of promoting a non-affiliated web site or brand, or that may identify the subject(s) of the image.
  • Photos need to be a minimum of 1,024×1,024 pixels for inclusion – preferably much larger. Most cameras on phones, and stand alone cameras, can taken photos at higher resolutions than this. It should also be clear and without distortion.
  • Photos which have been altered other than to blur out background persons will not be accepted. The use of selfie masks/enhancements, filters or other photo modifications are not accepted.
  • Photos must contain at least one female. Male solo shots are not permitted and will be deleted.
  • Photographs must be in color. Black and white photos are not accepted.
  • Photographs in a collage are not permitted.

Legal Guidelines

  • You must be the copyright holder for the image, or have express written permission from the copyright holder.
  • All subjects in your image must be (and look) at least 18 years of age (or more if your legal jurisdiction states) at the time the image was taken.
  • Photos should not be uploaded for revenge purposes. All photos must be submitted with the knowledge and consent of those persons featured in the photograph – if they do not want there photo on here then neither do we.
  • Your IP address will be logged along side the image you submit. It will only be used to enable us to meet our legal requirements should any issues arise with your image.
  • The editors decision on image inclusion or rejection is final.
  • By uploading a photo to this website you understand that it is available to anyone on the internet to view and/or download and accept any and all associated risks – current and future.

Knowingly distributing copyright photos, including by uploading them to this site, is an offence and copyright photos will be removed where identified.

By uploading an image to this site you agree that your image meets the guidelines above and that you grant the site the legal right to use this image on the site and affiliated sites. You also agree that, as the submitter of the image, you take full responsibility for any copyright or other legal issues (including, but not limited to, all legal costs) that may arise from inclusion of this image on this site. Should you disagree with the guidelines above or any other part of this agreement, please do not submit your photograph.

Remember: one key rule – no face, no entry.

To see examples of photographs that have been submitted but have not met our simple rules check out our “rejected” gallery page.

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Recently Rejected Photos

These are photos that have been submitted recently that did not follow our submission rules. Check the rules before submitting otherwise your photos may end up here.
If your photo appears here please try re-reading the submission rules above and submit an appropriate photo.