Wet T-Shirt for the Win!

As the summer draws to a close here in the northern hemisphere we start to lament its’ passing. The fine ladies wearing lightweight clothes, the bikinis on the beach, and the acres of cleavage on display. #

However, what I miss the most is those who wanted to go for a dip but forgot to bring along something to change into but still did it anyway. Especially when their clothing became revealing as to what was beneath or, even better, became see through.

Whether it is the clingy-when-wet sports bra, or the transparent white t-shirt it’s all good especially when it wasn’t intended to show quite so much. Unaware or exhibitionist at the beach, swimming pool, or even a bar it doesn’t matter as we can all take in their splendour.

Hey, if the girls can have guys coming out of the water like Mr Darcey in Pride and Prejudice, and on Bridgerton or whatever its’ called, then we can have this!