The window into the soul…

Around a year ago we published a post about Brannigan’s Law, which said the most erotic part of a woman is the boobs. However, we both agree and disagree.

The character, Zapp Brannigan from Matt Groening’s Futurama cartoon series objectified women like no other; he is a first-level chauvinist and proud despite the issues it causes for him and his sidekick. We take a slightly different view of women here at Love Boobs, preferring to dedicate ourselves to all different types of women and their bodies, mind and soul. Splitting hairs, maybe, but unlike Zapp we see women as people to love and adore, and not just for their bodies.

To us the sexiest part of a woman, that is visible on camera at least, is the face. It is expressive beyond anything else on the body – conveying pain, pleasure, love, hate, lust, and – of course – a million other things. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the mouth must be the open doorway as a smile can light up your day. Thinking back, some of the hottest photographs I have ever seen have had women’s faces showing exquisite pleasure or lust which has been far sexier than a simple pair of over-inflated boobs. Give me a soulful smile over silicone any day.

This brings me to the one thing that pains us most about running Love Boobs. Other than having not enough hours in the day when real life gets in the way, but it is turning down photographs of sexy looking women who have taken the time to submit their photos because they did not read the site rules. We inherited the site rules for submissions from IncrediPorn when we took over running their gallery, and they have stuck as we agree with the original sentiment – the face is the sexiest bit of all. Then the boobs, always the boobs!

Sadly, we also have had an influx of “models” trying to advertise their OnlyFans pages through Love Boobs by including a link or an @username on their photo. Personally, we loathe OnlyFans as a concept – if you want to sell photos of your body there are plenty of places that will publish content professionally. Not everyone is a porn star, most should stick to being amateurs rather than trying to make a fast buck. Just saying.

We are a broad church here, so long as you follow our rules we will look to post your photographs. We love boobs of all types, shapes and sizes. Simple as that. Upload your photos now!

Some of the better photos that we have had to reject include: