Brannigan’s law: are boobies the sexiest part of a woman?

In the soon-to-be-revived cartoon Futurama there is a old-style misogynistic space captain called Zapp Brannigan, and one of his best quotes from the entire series is the basis of my question – what is the sexiest part of a woman?

You know, I find the most erotic part of a woman is the boobies.”

Zapp Brannigan, Futurama

For want of a better phrase I call that “Brannigan’s Law”.

There are many views as to what the best part of a woman is, and in itself the question can be seen as sexist. Perhaps it is, perhaps not depending on your point of view.

Many men are “leg” men, some are “ass” men, and some – like yours truly – are definitely “boob” men. Hence Love Boobs!

Is it really the case that men are attracted to the breasts first and foremost? Well as babies we innately look for the breast for food so perhaps it stems from that influence. Were “ass” or “leg” men denied the breast as a baby? Were they bottle fed? Perhaps some academic somewhere is researching this subject right now. I am not that academic and this is not an academic blog!

Personally, I am not sure whether a great pair of boobs makes a woman more attractive to all straight men (and women who like other women) but it certainly does for me. Size isn’t as important as shape.

However, I would put forward there are two things much more important than boobies and that Zapp is wrong. These are the face and the personality.

Obviously it is difficult to be able to judge personality from a photo but you can see the face. Just like it isn’t about size of boobies it isn’t necessarily about the perceived beauty of the face but other things we pick up on – the light in the eyes, the smile, etc. and these all give some idea of the personality within.

A beautiful but hard-faced babe is less likely to attract my attention than a less-than-perfect girl with a smile not only on her lips but also in her eyes. It gives a clue to what is really important and, ultimately, the sexiest thing of all about anyone. Our personalities.

To return to Futurama – Leela is far sexier than Amy as she has personality whereas Amy is beautiful but ultimately very shallow. Okay, she has big boobs too and that always helps along the way.