Let the battle commence…

Over the past decade or so our photo gallery has continued to improve and increase in the number of photographs included of the very best user-submitted content.

When we took over the running of the gallery there was a very small celebrity gallery which, despite its’ size, proved to be very popular so we decided to expand it and have continued to expand it. The popularity of the gallery has continued to increase and we continue to add photos to it as well as continuing to add your submissions to the main gallery.

As the celebrity gallery has got larger we have considered a number of ways to make it more interactive and have now launched a new celebrity battle where the celebrities can fight it out to see who is the hottest celebrity of them all.

We have been running the battle for a while with a select band of site supporters who have helped us iron out all of the kinks and make sure this really works for you to have your say on who is the hottest celebrity. You can even see what has happened in the battles so far!

Based on the initial voting from our supporters we have divided the celebrities across different classes, or divisions, from which the top celebrities will be moved up a division, and those with the lowest number of votes moved down a division, at the end of each battle.

Have your say now, and vote in the big battle for supreme hotness!