Hot celebrity boobs from the 1980s

I grew up on 1980s culture – the films, the television shows, and the music. It made a great impression on me and my outlook on life.

It was a great time to grow up, with many of the technologies we take for granted in their very infancy or – in some cases – even yet to be invented. The fashions at the time, which are much derided now, were hot and fresh.

The internet as we knew it did not exist, it was a series of interconnected mainframes at different universities and other organisations and no-one had ever heard of it, or even imagined how it would affect all our lives.

The phones we all carry in our pockets would have boggled the mind of even the most forward-thinking technologist as to what was even possible. The 1980’s was the decade when my father got his first car-based telephone with a battery the size of a small suitcase! His work “laptop” was the size of a large suitcase too!

In those pre-internet days we relied on the films, magazines, and television to get our female thrills and I have picked out ten of my very best memories of actresses and musicians from that decade. The photos may not be from that period, as some of the clothes and styles were pretty horrendous, but my memories of the women are.

My top ten from the 1980’s

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