Hot Celebrity Boobs from the 2010s

It has been a while since I wrote the hottest celebrity boobs from the 2000s, which of course followed on from the 1990s and 1980s roundups.

Towards the end of this decade is when the Me Too movement began which made out that blogs like this are like dinosaurs – but the problem is that, like the dinosaurs, people still like them. C’mon, who doesn’t like Barney? Even ironically, if you must!

Yes it can be seen as being sexist, and it most probably is – but I don’t care. This is my blog and if you don’t like it then there are plenty of other websites out there you can go and complain on. Here were celebrate women, and their boobs in particular, we don’t seek to demean them so if that is wrong in your eyes then perhaps you are in the wrong place!

The whole Me Too movement has had its’ great moments, when it outed certain members of the entertainment business that preyed on women – and occasionally on men as well – which really shouldn’t be happening at all and they sowed what they are now reaping when they abused their power. They are despicable and disgusting and give other men a bad name. Just because we love boobs on here you shouldn’t go out there and abuse other people – love them instead.

Rant over. I’ll try to find something nice to talk about, but that is difficult as it was the 2010s.

I think the 2010s were a bit of a sad time because the world seemed to take a turn for the worst in every way. Politically (don’t even go there!), environmentally and socially. Let us not forget this is the decade that Coronavirus was first identified in, even if we are still dealing with it now.

The boobs, whilst not as plentiful as in the past – a downside of Me Too – were still great.

  • 10. Gal Godot