Hot Celebrity Boobs from the 2000s

Following on from my recollections of my top-boobed babes from the 1980s and 1990s I thought I would continue the set with a recollection of the decade that boobs forgot – the 2000s. Or so I thought!

I remember the 2000s as being the years when the boobs got smaller and less interesting, but ironically out of this, and the 80’s and 90’s this was the one I came up with more celebrities for. In fact the list I ended up rejecting is much longer than those I put in the slideshow.

The 2000s was the first decade when the majority of people in the western world were able to access the internet easily, which also meant the number of celebrity boob searches also increased massively!

I remember seeing a new celebrity I’d not noticed before and the first thing I would do, if she was sexy, was to type her name followed by “nude” or “topless” into Google. The innocence of youth, eh?

Oh, and if it was down to size alone Salma Hayek would win. Twice.

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