Hot Celebrity Boobs from the 1990s

After my recent reminiscence of hot babes from the 1980’s I thought I would follow the theme with a catch up on the best from the 1990’s too.

In the 1980’s I was too young to really have too many feelings of lust towards the babes on the screen, but the 1990’s is when I started to notice and appreciate a nice pair of boobs, and an attractive figure, much more than before.

In the 1990’s there was also the first wave of popularity for the internet, or the world wide web as it was known back then. Guess what one of the biggest themes was for young males when it came to searches on AltaVista or this newcomer at the time, something called “Google“. I wonder whatever happened to them?

In the 1990’s you could take a female celebrity name and add the word “nude” on the end and that was probably in the top 100 searches on the internet at that time.

Yes, the photos were fuzzy and took an age to load on the old dial-up connections at the time (we are so lucky today!) but the anticipation of seeing a celebrity posing nude and being cut off just before the interesting bits of the photo loaded were fun!

The 1990’s also seemed to coincide for me with the last period where buxom babes were seen as the norm, before the underweight actresses became more popular. Perhaps the halcyon days of celebrity boobs, or perhaps they were still to come?

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