Holly Willoughby…

I should start this article by saying I am a “boobs” man and always will be. For me it is always boobs over ass or legs, but recently I have been drawn to British TV presenter Holly Willoughby and her tremendous pins.

This isn’t to say that Holly doesn’t have fantastic boobs, she certainly does as can be seen in the mini-gallery below but there is a reason why Holly has changed my mind somewhat.

The daytime programme that Holly co-presents is aimed, it seems, at middle-aged women who are look after domestic chores at home whilst their man is out at work – to use the vastly outdated stereotype that the programme seems to be based on. So it features many items on things they think such an audience should be interested in, and as part of that Holly dresses based on trends for the audience. However, here we have a stunningly beautiful woman who is frequently asked to wear some of the most hideous “granny” clothing. Stuff that looked old and shabby in the 1950’s let alone today. Yeuck.

All this is far away from the type of clothing Holly wears when presenting and attending award shows where she has been criticised for showing too much. Impossible I say!

Every now and then Holly gets to show what is within her, style-wise, when she gets to wear some more daring clothing. When you’ve seen someone gorgeous dressed as a frump for so long it is amazing and refreshing and I’ve discovered that she has some of the best legs I’ve ever seen, as well as a tremendous MILF rack!